EDAC Machinery offers a variety of Engineered Services, both at our facilities or in the field, to help our customers achieve better efficiencies and quality in their processes.

We provide technical services at our facilities or in customer’s manufacturing locations that range from rebuilding and re-controlling grinding machines to spindle repair and rebuild to component balancing and machine automation.


HEALD and Cincinnati Milacron Machine Service

This segment of our business goes to the roots of the organization. The original concept of EDAC Machinery’s Service Network International was to support customers using HEALD products. Today the world turns to SNI to quickly and accurately diagnose and correct their HEALD grinder problems.

EDAC’’s expertise with HEALD grinders, combined with its responsiveness to customer’s immediate needs, allows us to be the most efficient service provider in the industry.

Dynamic and Static Balancing Service

EDAC Machinery offers dynamic and static balancing on parts and assemblies such as tooling, motors, rotors, special shafts, turbines, impellers, wheels, and wheel hubs.  We have the capability to handle:

  • up to 250 pounds
  • up to 8 inches diameter
  • up to 45 inches length between bearing centers, but overall lengths can be longer

We also perform field balancing at your location.

Hi-Rez Slide System for HEALD CF Grinders

The Hi-Rez Slide System is a combination of a new CF servo-motor driven cross slide, a new touch-screen controller and new accompanying electrical panel.

Delivered as a direct replacement for the slide currently in operation on your machine, along with new electrical control main panel and operator’s panel, both pre-wired, and ready for installation in your machine. The package provides a full color touch screen for operator interface, and state-of-the-art grinding software.
Imagine the benefits of a single solution package that costs a small fraction of the price for machine rebuilding or replacement, installs easily and quickly, and permanently rids the CF of costly headaches. The benefits to your operations include:

  • Faster grind cycles, by allowing optimum grind and dress rates to be programmed, and repeated, while enabling the machine to dress-compensate at finite values, and to skip dress multiple cycles. This new capability enables the CF to use and optimize super abrasives such as CBN
  • Reduction in abrasive costs by allowing specific comp values to be entered and repeated, and to minimally dress super abrasives for their maximum economy
  • Streamlined maintenance: No more gears, wheel-wear switches, or even glass scales to maintain. The old HEALD O.E.M. controls that are very expensive to maintain are replaced with newer modern ones
  • The reliability of a new control, performance of a high resolution cross slide, and the net productivity and quality derived from the software marriage of the two significant elements
  • High performance, minimum cost equals high R.O.I.

For application of rotary-type disks, cups, and rolls, the spindles can be driven hydraulically, with an electric motor, or with a servo drive.

Heavy Duty Lift-Up Dresser Options for Diamond Dressing Tools

The super-rigid design of the Heavy-Duty Lift-Up Dresser provides for superior dressing quality of both conventional-abrasive and super-abrasive grinding wheels.

As the dresser is designed to accept virtually any type of dressing tool, we can, after thorough review of your application, apply the most appropriate diamond tools:

  • Single Point Nibs
  • Rotary-Periphery Disks
  • Cup-style Wheels
  • Form Rolls


The super-rigid design of the Heavy-Duty Lift-Up Dresser provides for superior dressing quality of both conventional-abrasive and super-abrasive grinding wheels.Automation of part loading and unloading from EDAC Technologies ranges from robotic and non-robotic pick and place technologies to gravity fed chute load and unload assemblies as well as bar feeders for centerless grinders. All approaches are engineered to provide increased efficiency, greater reliability, and streamlined set-up changeover based on your parts and manufacturing processes.

Pick and Place





Centerless Through-Feed


Shuttle and Chute