EDAC Machinery’s spindle repair center gives you precision, responsiveness, quality and performance.

EDAC Machinery’s Precision Spindle Repair Center knows that when your machine is down, it’s costing you money. With over 100 years of spindle design, manufacturing and rebuilding expertise, we provide precise, high quality spindle repairs in the shortest time possible to get your machines up and running.


Precision Spindle Repair Process

Upon receipt, spindle is disassembled, cleaned and inspected. All components are examined for proper fit and geometry using the latest measuring equipment technology.

An evaluation is performed and corrective actions determined. A comprehensive quotation is provided before any repairs can be made.

After receipt of order, all spindle components are brought back to their critical dimensions per print specifications. Where possible, the components are improved to enhance performance.

All rotating components are dynamically balanced with computerized equipment to ISO 1940 Grade – G0.4.

Precision grade ABEC 7/9 angular contact style ball bearings or 0/00 grade tapered roller bearings, steel on steel or hybrid ceramic are utilized as appropriate. Certain applications or designs may require EDAC’s patented HOLO-ROL™ Bearings. Lubrication systems can be matched to customer specifications.

Assembly is done in a clean room to provide for the ultimate bearing integrity. Our modern test facility certifies all spindles at maximum speed after temperature stabilization.

Each spindle is vibration certified for:

  • Displacement of 0.0000050 inch Peak to Peak
  • Velocity 0.04 inches / second Peak Overall
  • Acceleration of 0.4 inches / second squared Peak at 5 times operating speed
  • Spike Energy

Final paint, powder coat, black oxide and Armolloy finishes are provided where needed.

Final inspection of all critical data and features includes:

  • Tool Interface run out
  • Temperature at operating speed
  • Lubrication Settings
  • Coolant Temperature and Flow
  • Motor data: Volts, Hertz, FLA
  • Bearing Stiffness
  • Drawbar Pull Force
  • Feedback and Settings for all Electronic Sensors
  • Any other customer required specifications

All information is documented and logged into EDAC Machinery’s database and is shipped with the spindle, along with the spindle warranty. Every spindle is shipped in a custom fitted container.

Emergency Repair Service

In case of emergency where downtime is critical, 24 to 48 hour turnaround time is available.

Spindle Enhancements

Our team of design engineers can address anticipated problems with your spindle or process that will result in premature or reoccurring failures. In these cases, we will offer design change recommendations aimed at delivering a higher performing spindle with more up time and a longer service life.

EDAC Machinery can enhance existing spindles to increase speed, stiffness, and improve sealing. A complete redesign or reconfiguration of an existing spindle to suit a new application or improve productivity can be provided upon request.

Precision Spindle Replacement

Ask us about our “Zero Down Time” Program. This program allows us to provide a previously ordered spindle, managed and maintained in our inventory, for overnight or same day delivery (depending on your location). We then use your inoperable spindle as a “core” component which is then rebuilt and put back into our inventory for your next emergency.

Other Services

Spindle Storage and Maintenance Programs, Bearing and Critical Component Management Programs, Off-Site Diagnostic Services

All EDAC Machinery/Gros-Ite Repaired Spindles Have a One Year Warranty.